"We have to love until it hurts. It is not enough to say, I love." We must put that love into a living action, and how do we do that? By giving until it hurts." Mother Teresa

Monday, March 4, 2013

Surgery Day

“And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.” 1 Corinthians 13:13

Someone posted this on my mom’s facebook wall. I find it very fitting for today. I am humbled by everyone’s love, positive thoughts, prayers, and words of encouragement for Mom and for us as a family. Before I get to a recap of today, I want to thank everyone-it brings me tears of joy (seriously yes I cried J) to know how many of you care and have been praying/sending positive thoughts our way.  

Today was/is surgery day. I hate hospitals. I realize that a lot of people hate hospitals. They just smell so blah. Hospitals should pipe in some of that scented air they have in Vegas Casinos-not the whole place just the doorways that you walk in-how comforting would that be.

Before surgery we were all crammed into a small “prep-op room.” Per usual we were having a good time laughing. Not all of the nurses enjoyed our sense of humor. Here are some photos of my ridiculous nature on the wheely stool that was in her room.
I had a good time “creeping” on people in the hallway.

I also had a good time entertaining with this one. I call it my “nooo don’t take me back there!” others referred to that photos as the “shhh you can’t see me hiding in the corner.” Regardless we had a fun time waiting to go back. Well as fun as 5 adults can have crammed in a small room waiting for your mom/husband/daughter to have a breast amputation.

Before Mom’s surgery she had to go through Nuclear procedure to see if the cancer had spread to her nodes. I’m not really sure what any of that meant but it would affect what needs to happen after surgery (i.e. chemo). Well there were several “Hulk” jokes begin made, and then I kinda hoped her breast would begin to glow a blue color so we knew it was working. We were all sadly disappointed.

I kept my queasy under control until it was time to put in the IV. I stepped out briefly for this.

We said our tearful good byes (positive but still tearful) to her, and well her breasts. In that moment it hit us that it was really happening. There is a certain feeling of denial until she was getting up to walk into surgery.

Surgery took about two and a half hours. The waiting room had a like “ticker” of updates so you could track what stage of surgery she was in-and there were symbols and a little key. It was pretty neat. At one point all four us were working on the crossword puzzle. That’s dad “thinking” face J

We didn’t finish it-or we couldn’t I can’t remember. We got stuck on one of the last clues, but by that time Mom was ready to roll out.

Mom is currently on the 6th floor-can’t remember the room number. When I first saw mom she looked at me (still very drugged) and said “Hey, baby” I know that she was in the best care, but it was the most comforting part of my day. I’m sure she won’t remember it, but that’s okay.

She looks great. A little flatter, but great. We won’t know anything official for about a week. Mom should be heading home tomorrow. Doesn’t that boggle your mind? I will leave you all with the face that I greeted Mom with once she was settled in her room. It may be a little crazy, but the look is pure me J  

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