"We have to love until it hurts. It is not enough to say, I love." We must put that love into a living action, and how do we do that? By giving until it hurts." Mother Teresa

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I'm ready...

My sister informed me last night that it has been awhile since I last blogged. Yes I have been slacking on my blogging. Fall is here (such a cliche), and I am glad to not be sweatin' it to the oldies at home or at school.

Work has been very stressful. None of my stress is coming from students, but from everything else that happens. I was called into the principal's office, and while it wasn't a big deal, I was freaking out because well... I was called to the principal's office. I wasn't so much as called as I was emailed. Nonetheless everything came out fine, just an issue with parents. Then there are just the politics of the school that are starting to wear me out. Last week I stressed myself into three days of heartburn. This all lead me to the conclusion that I need a distraction in my life.

I spent the last three years of college wanting a dog. I watched everyone (i.e. multiple roommates) get dogs or cats. I knew college wasn't the right time for me because I led such an exciting life (I hope you can hear the sarcasm).

Now I need a reason to leave the building, and not work 15 hour days. This led me to the conclusion that it is time for a dog. I need something else in this apartment to make it feel like a home. I had a lead on a free small dog from a friend, but that probably isn't going to happen, which I am okay with. Then I started looking on petfinder. People want $200 or more for their mutts. No way. I would rather give $15o to the Humane Society which includes their first shots, they are fixed, and microchipped.

So today I got on their website, and started looking. I found two that I love! One is a male hound mix, and the other a female collie mix. Both are going to be bigger, clearly the hound mix is going to be a lot bigger than the collie mix. But I guess I will find out tomorrow! If I end up getting one I will be sure to post many pictures as I become one of those crazy dog owners.

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