"We have to love until it hurts. It is not enough to say, I love." We must put that love into a living action, and how do we do that? By giving until it hurts." Mother Teresa

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Well it is almost August, which for me always seems to signal a new year. My life has seemed to revolve around the school year, and now I just consider it my personal start to a new year. I was blessed to find a job in Indianapolis working at a charter school. I had faith that I would find a job because well I just wouldn't let myself believe anything else. So now in true Juli form everything is somewhat rushed. I start a week from Monday. Akkk! But the perk to moving back to Indy is that I can live with Mom and Dad while moving out of my old place, and then being able to find an apartment that I want to live in. This time Kim is moving in, and I know some of you (okay well the 4 that read this) may doubt us sisters living together I have a solution. 2 bedroom 2 bath. I am hoping to be moved by October.

I am excited to be moving back to a place that has more things to do. Like getting Loki signed up for dog training (I mean owner training) classes. Plus being able to go to dog parks.

Last week I was camping at White Water Memorial State Park. It was a lot of fun. We got rained on a lot (the tent flooded a few times), played a lot of games, and went horseback riding. It was hot and humid, and really really buggy. I got stung by a baby bumble bee. It was in my hair, and when I went to tighten my ponytail I was attacked! Full stinger in my finger. Luckily it was easily removed, and cured with baking soda paste. We played a lot of cornhole, which I am terrible at, and ate way to much food. One day we had Thanksgiving dinner, and it was delicious!

Alright well I need so see what kind of trouble Loki is getting himself into...

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