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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wine Wine and more Wine

So last night I got a text from my good friend Megan asking me if I wanted to go to a wine festival. Little did I know that she was talking about the 2011 Vintage Indiana Wine Festival, and also little did we know that it had been going on for 12 years! I then passed along the invite to my mom who responded with, "Is the pope Catholic?"

So I slathered on some sunscreen and off we went. Yes it was 90+ degrees, and we were melting. There was a breeze every now again, but there was plenty of what we went for-wine!

Lots and lots of ones to taste. There were 20 wineries from around the state each with at least 7 to try. My personal favorites included a raspberry wine, a mango wine, and one called "Blue My Mind." I am hoping that I can find some of these here in the city.

Yay Wine!

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