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Sunday, August 9, 2009


So I might possibly have a teaching job, but nothing is set in stone. Regardless I have the text books and the curriculum mapping and I need to start writing lesson plans. I hate writing lesson plans. I know I make them more difficult than they need to be. For example I have everything timed out down to the minutes. Each activity has very detailed instructions, because one never knows when they are going to call in sick. Instead of writing lesson plans I have decided to blog.

On an really exciting note I bought the complete collection of "School House Rock." Now I am not old enough have seen them new, I am most definitely old enough to see the repeats on ABC's Saturday morning cartoon lineup. I miss cartoons in the morning. They had some great shows, like science court, and Pepper Anne. Where did those shows go?

And here I go again talking about TV....back to real life...

In preparation for this possible job I started looking for a new place to live because I would have to relocate. I found a great place to live should this all happen. And it was a garage that I can park my car in. It is a very cute place, a "Juli" place. If this happens I will post pictures of the final project because I get to paint and decorate as I wish.

In one of my education classes we had to write a paper about our "writing processes." Which involved thinking about what you do to start writing, what you do while you are writing, editing and then the final product. I never thought of myself has being picky about how things are done, but I definitely have some quirks when it comes to writing papers, lesson plans, short stories etc.

1. I need the TV on or my iPod. I cannot work in silence.
2. If my room is messy I have to clean it before I write. This is probably more of an avoidance, but it is just part of it.
3. I have to be in comfy clothes.
4. I ALWAYS handwrite my first draft. I know a lot of people can just sit down and start typing, but I have to start by hand writing. This comes in handy as an extra editing step as I type it out. I prefer to write in a notebook so I do not lose pages. Today I had to run out and buy a notebook to put my first draft of lessons plans in.
5. Regardless of what stage I am in the writing processes I have to have something to drink, and usually something to munch on. While I was at Purdue this usually involved a trip to the Discount Den. Any of you (even though I am pretty sure I have no readers) that have been a student, or lived in the West Lafayette area know all about the Den Pops. They are giant sodas on the cheap, and on the walls are different recipes for mixes students do. Basically if you like soda that is the place to get them. I deeply miss the Den.
6. This is my last step I wait until the last minute to print off the paper. Yes I am that person winded in class clutching my paper. I could never find an open lab to print off my stuff, and I refused to use my printer unless I had no other choice.

Okay well I think I have avoided lesson writing more than enough for today.

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