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Sunday, August 23, 2009

my new place

I have recently relocated to a small town in Indiana. I have a great apartment that I can decorate as I wish. I have never been able to decorate just the way I want to, which is very overwhelming. The bedroom is already painted Boilermaker Gold. It isn't my favorite color, but for now I am not focusing on my bedroom, but the rest of the apartment that I spend most of my time. My awesome landlord is allowing me to use a love seat until I move out or by one of my own. The love seat is an olive green color. I really love the color green, and I am growing very attached to the color brown. I am using these two colors as the base for how I want to decorate. There is a little arch way between the living room and dining room that houses a closet and I want to paint that teal.
Above is the bedding I found at bed bath and beyond today. The bedding is from Nautica, which translates to more money than I wish to pay for pillows, or sheets. Since the rooms have hard wood floors and dark wood trim I am not going to paint anything brown in those two rooms.

In other news I now have a nice queen size blow up mattress for guests. Yay! My parents came up this weekend to help me unpack, and we got a lot done. There is still a lot to do such as my office and the rest of my clothing. I have chairs for my patio, which is awesome.

Okay well "Planet Earth" is on so I am going to watch that, and maybe write some lesson plans.

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