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Friday, August 21, 2009

I guess I need to up date

Well I got the job. My position is going to the school board this morning, and then I will sign my contract. This was the end of my first week of full time employment. I am very pumped to continue this year. This first week has been me struggling to tread water in the deep end of the pool so to speak.

The schools are redoing their English curriculum which is causing the three middle school English teachers (including myself) to try to figure out what they want. Luckily the school is open to helping me and I am trying not to stress out too much.

The students are great. The community is small, which is also different for me. When I first drove downtown to see my new apartment I thought of the towns in the UP minus the lake. I literally have a Main St. address which I love. In other big news I got cable this week and internet so I feel reconnected with the outside world.

I have opened up and unpacked like 6 boxes. Mom and Lynn are coming up this weekend to help me unpack and bring up more of stuff. The place has hardwood floors how awesome is that?! The one down side is that there is now AC, and until last week that wouldn't have been a problem. But of course once I got rid of AC the temps hit the 90s. Today it is beautiful outside, and I wish I was sitting out on my balcony, but alas the door knob fell off the door and I can't get out there. Did I mention the building is on the older side?

I really like the staff at the middle school. They have been really nice and welcoming. I am making friends with other teachers, and such. I am hoping to get involved with extra curricular soon.

Well I've to get stuff done!

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